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Abaron Poultry with Salmon Oil - Skin & Coat - adult dog food

Abaron Poultry with Salmon oil - Skin & Coat is a high quality chicken-based complete food for adult dogs. Its main raw material is not only chicken, but also duck and turkey, all of which are known as excellent sources of meat protein. In addition, rice and oats as excellent sources of carbohydrates. The price-quality ratio of the product is exceptionally good - it is an affordable but very high quality meat-based complete dog food.

Abaron Chicken Grain & Pea Free - Hypoallergenic

Abaron Chicken Grain & Pea Free - Hypoallergenic is a high quality whole grain and pea free chicken based diet for adult dogs. It has been made with plenty of fresh chicken meat, making it a very high quality and very tasty complete food. It is also great for sensitive and allergic dogs, as well as stomach-sensitive dogs that may have digestive problems such as heartburn and flatulence.

Abaron Tasty Bits Chicken Grain-Free adult dog food (improved formula)

Abaron Tasty Bits Chicken Grain-Free (grain and corn free) is a very tasty soft granular dog food for adult dogs and puppies. It is completely grain-free and therefore it is also ideal for dogs allergic to grain. Its main raw material is very high quality fresh chicken meat (raw) and 70% of its ingredients are high quality animal products such as chicken, fish and chicken liver, which are its sources of protein. Cheap vegetable protein or gluten is not used as a protein source, nor is vague meat or poultry in any form. We only choose the absolutely best ingredients for our product.